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Ham Test April 19, 2014

Station 202, 1:30

Station 202, 1700 N. Riverside Ave.

Talk-in is on simplex 146.58


Next Meeting is May 17, 2014

10:00 a.m.

Fire Station Locations

Station 202, 1700 N. Riverside Ave.____________________

Volunteer Examiner's

Download the 2013 VE manual

be patient downloading 6.25 megs.


Ham Class / Exam Info

What to bring on exam day


Net every Monday night at 20:00 hours on 146.58 simplex, or on one of our repeaters. ______________________________

K6RIA repeaters are open

147.645, minus offset , PL127.3

445.520, minus offset , PL127.3

Echolink is DOWN K6RIA-L or -R


We monitor these frequencies:


Seven Day Forecast for Rialto........ Earthquake report from USGS

Free exam study guides

Non hams register at QRZ.com

What is Ham Radio?

RARC, the Fire Department ECS team

Volunteer Emergency Communications Service

Mission Statement:

To provide emergency communications in the event of a disaster.

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Meetings, Testing and Location Info

All visitors are welcome to attend the meetings and all licensed operators are invited to check- in with net control on the Monday night net.

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